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While we may be a bit beyond the season of Frankenstein and yelling 'It's ALIIIIIIIVE!", we are still very excited to announce that our 2 Tails Vet website and blog is up and running!

We have lots of ideas for blog posts and stories to share on our website, but also on social media, so make sure you check out our facebook and other social media pages which we will continue to grow. For now though let's talk about the why of this blog and our other platforms: If you visited our homepage then you can see that one of our top priorities is education. If you think that sounds a little odd, you are probably in the majority, and why our first blog post is to explain what education means to us.

Education is key to optimal animal health and wellness.

While veterinarians can provide special care to animals when they are sick, need immunizations, testing, or other care, we simply aren't around 24/7. We don't chuck the hay, fill the bowl, or break the ice on the water trough, and so we aren't the best line of defense in catching early disease.

You are.

So why not spend the time educating animal owners, caretakers, pet parents, and other animal lovers to provide the best care for their animals? We think it's worth the extra time and we hope you will too!

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