Our Mission

2 Tails Veterinary Services LLC is a mobile veterinary service. We come to your house, farm, ranch, barn, operation facilities, or even just meet you in a pasture to provide excellent, compassionate, educational veterinary services. We believe that optimal animal health requires smart, compassionate vets and dedicated owners, but also that veterinarians should share their expertise to empower owners and animal caretakers to provide the best possible healthcare to their pets, working animals, and livestock. By focusing on client education and preventive healthcare our goal is to be proactive in keeping your animal healthy, not waiting for disease to strike. Our motto is "Cultivate Wellness" because we know that when the team involved in any animal's healthcare work together we can cultivate happier, healthier animals and a more fulfilling life for the people that love them.

Who We Are

Dr. Julie Stafford graduated from Oregon State University College of Veterinary School in 2013 after attending Colorado State University for her undergraduate degree. Following graduation she worked as a mixed animal veterinarian in a rural Eastern Oregon town for 2.5 years seeing cattle, horses, cats, dogs, and whatever else walked, limped, or slithered in the door. If it couldn't make it to the door, Dr. Stafford spent plenty of time making house or ranch calls to see her patients on their terms. After almost three years of small town country living Dr. Stafford decided to return to the "big city" Anchorage, Alaska where she was born and raised. Since returning in 2016, Dr. Julie Stafford has worked at Wasilla Veterinary Clinic seeing cats and dogs but has missed working on farm animals and working with the people that raise them.

Dr. Stafford is passionate about many fields of veterinary medicine but is especially adamant that communication within an animal healthcare team is paramount to providing the best veterinary care. While often overlooked, communication is of the utmost importance in the care of our animals; if a veterinarian prescribes a medication to be given every 6 hours but the owner works 12 hour shifts, the treatment plan is doomed from the start. If a client doesn't mention the patient is drinking more water than she used to and is a ravenous eater then the vet may not catch an underlying cause for a resistant infection. Because animals can't speak for themselves, a veterinarian is dependent on information from clients to know what the issues with a patient are, in return clients must trust that a veterinarian has the animal's best interest at heart and is willing to listen and discuss any problems that they may have in following the recommended treatment plan.


Aside from communication, Dr. Julie Stafford has a keen interest in leadership and management of the veterinary profession. She is president-elect of the Alaska Veterinary Medical Association and will take the helm as president for the 2018-2019 term. She has also been honored with the World Small Animal Veterinary Medical Association's Next Generation award which was awarded due to her dedication to the health and wellness of veterinarians. Issues such as burn-out, depression, and suicide run rampant in the veterinary profession and Dr. Stafford has worked to de-stigmatize these issues and promote wellness within the profession. You can read more about Dr. Stafford's award in the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman.

Dr. Stafford is VERY excited to be back in her home state and has arrived home with a few additions. Her pack includes two German Shepherds: "Angel" who was to be euthanized for getting into the chicken coop a few too many times (23 to be exact!) and "Alex" who was a patient of Dr. Stafford's at Oregon Humane Society during veterinary school (they threaten to fail you if you don't adopt an an animal needless to say, she passed!). Together they are kept in line by "Meow" an orphaned barn cat that needed some special round-the-clock veterinary care when just weeks old, "Meow" has heterochromia (two different colored eyes) and his picture can be found on our website!